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Nikita Yarbrough

Director of Patient Services

Nikita Yarbrough is the director of patient services at Phoenix House Texas. Her role includes overseeing the direct care department, as well as culinary services. 

She joined Phoenix House in 2015, and she’s held multiple positions within the organization. In addition to director of patient services, Nikita has also served as house manager and financial counselor. She began her career in adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment in 2013.

“I strive to create a collaborative team and put in place efficient systems, processes, and partnerships that aid in providing quality care for patients,” Nikita said. “I especially enjoy working with teens — it’s rewarding to see young people learn and grow and come into their own.” 

Nikita is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) Intern. 

Nikita serves on multiple boards and committees. At Phoenix House, she’s chair of the Health & Wellness Committee, as well as a member of the Employee Engagement Committee. She’s also on the board of advisors at Dallas College Eastfield Campus. 

When she’s not at work, Nikita appreciates time with family and friends, as well as outdoor activities. Moments with her son, DeSean, are always cherished. 

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