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Our Team

Drew Dutton, M.Ed., MBA, MAPP, LPC-S, LCDC, ACPS

President & Chief Executive Officer
Dallas, TX

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Phoenix House Texas, Drew Dutton oversees all programming, administrative, and strategic functions of the organization. Drew has extensive experience in the field of substance use treatment and prevention, having worked with individuals, families, and programs since 2011 and with Phoenix House since 2013. Drew also brings personal experience in recovery, having received treatment for substance use disorders as an adolescent. Drew went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in education, became a certified physics and chemistry teacher in the process, and earned a master’s degree in Counseling from Texas Christian University. Drew also holds an MBA from Baylor University and a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Drew serves on various local and national committees and is a featured presenter across the country in areas of substance use treatment and prevention, adolescent interventions, addiction neuroscience, and positive psychology. Drew also brings his passion for education to TCU, where he serves as an adjunct faculty in the Professional Counseling Graduate program. Drew has partnered and worked with a variety of universities for research and initiatives, including TCU, the University of Pennsylvania, Florida State, the University of Georgia, and Old Dominion University.

Drew is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and an Advanced Certified Prevention Specialist. Drew is the innovator behind Phoenix House Texas’ I CAN treatment model and Positive Prevention used across Phoenix House Texas. Drew is passionate about strengths-based care and prevention models and employee engagement. When not at work, Drew teaches and plays guitar and enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, his son, Kai, and his yellow lab, Maverick.


Tonya Chalmers

Finance Director
Dallas, TX

Tonya Chalmers serves as the Finance Director at Phoenix House Texas. She earned her MBA from Northwood University in 2014 and an undergraduate in Business Administration in 2012. Additionally, she obtained a Certification as a Regulatory Compliance Risk Manager from Compliance Education Institute in 2022. Tonya is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in Business and Accounting. Throughout her career, she has held various leadership roles, giving her a wealth of knowledge in the business community.

One of the things that sets Tonya apart is her passion for helping others. She actively volunteers her time with various organizations, making a significant impact on the lives of others. Tonya’s ability to connect with people from all walks of life has proven to be a valuable asset. Recognizing this talent, she became an Adjunct Professor at TCC teaching courses in Business Management, sharing her expertise and passion with her students.  Tonya joined PHT because she admired the passion and commitment with providing drug and alcohol prevention service to the community. Having family members of her own that battle with addictions, Tonya understands the devastating impact that substance abuse can have on individuals and their loved ones. She was drawn to PHT because of their dedication to helping individuals overcome addiction and providing support to families affected by it. 

Brandi Hughes

Human Resources Director
Dallas, TX

Brandi Hughes is the Director of Human Resources at Phoenix House Texas. She possesses over a decade of Human Resources Management experience, complemented by a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of North Texas. Holding two HR certifications–Senior Professional and Global Professional in Human Resources–Brandi has successfully overseen HR departments across diverse industries, including sales, software, healthcare, commercial real estate, and substance use treatment and prevention.

A distinguishing feature of Brandi’s HR approach is her unwavering commitment to treating all employees, irrespective of their position, with the same level of respect, care, and attention that our company offers its clients. This philosophy has consistently fostered a positive and inclusive workplace culture, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Crystal Waddell, MHA, ACPS

Senior Director of Prevention
Houston, TX

Crystal Waddell holds a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration and is an Advanced Certified Prevention Specialist with over 17 years of experience in the prevention field. She became the Director of the Phoenix House of Texas Prevention team in February 2017, previously serving as Prevention Supervisor at Phoenix House from 2002 to 2015. Her nonprofit management experience also includes positions at Harris County’s Residential and Treatment facility, Young Men About Change (YMAC), and Women Helping Ourselves (WHO-A), where she was responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling the management and service delivery and related administrative and support activities; as well as ensured compliance with program standards and contract requirements.

She has years of experience working in residential, juvenile, public, and charter school settings, servicing youth and adults throughout the city of Houston. With her dedication to the individuals that she serves, her goal is to increase awareness of the dangers that are associated with drugs and alcohol and give the community resources that will equip them to live a healthy lifestyle.


Ghazala Yasmeen, MPsych, MABS, ACPS

Prevention Director

Ghazala Gia Yasmeen is an Advanced Certified Professional Specialist, and she is also trained in CPR, Crisis Management, Community Based Prevention of Tobacco Use, Alcohol Prevention in Teens, communication, and Cultural Competency. Gia serves as the Youth Prevention Indicated (YPI) Director and Community Coalition Director for Phoenix House Texas. Prior to this, Gia served as a clinical psychologist at the Giddu Hospital in Pakistan.

Gia earned her Master of Arts in Behavior Science at the University of Houston Clear Lake, where she focused her studies on human behavior. She also studied at the University of Sindh, Pakistan, where she received her Bachelors in Physiology and Psychology and a Master of Science in Psychology. At the University of Sindh, Gia spent time coordinating volunteer opportunities and working with patients with mental health disorders and individuals dealing with substance abuse. At PHT, she spends additional time organizing community events, focusing on youth projects to educate and involve adolescents in drug prevention activities.

Prior to becoming director, Gia was a Licensed Chemical Dependency Intern, where she facilitated group and individual counseling sessions for adolescents with substance use disorders. Gia has transitioned from treatment to prevention, as it allows her to work with individuals with the risk factors of becoming chemically dependent, where she feels she can have a greater impact. This allows her to work closely with communities and youth groups in a fun and educational way.

Outside of work, Gia enjoys walking her dog, cooking, interior design, and listening to music.

Erin Vesely, BS, ACPS

Prevention Director

Erin Vesely holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and is an Advanced Certified Prevention Specialist. She has 15 years of experience working in the prevention field. She became a Prevention Director of the Phoenix House Texas Prevention team in September 2019, previously serving as a Prevention Supervisor at PHT from 2015 to 2019 and as a Prevention Specialist from 2008 to 2015. Erin is compassionate, hardworking, and dedicated to the PHT Prevention Program.

As a Prevention Director, Erin supervises the prevention team in delivering services, procedures, documentation, and program implementation to ensure compliance with program standards and requirements. She has years of experience working with the community, giving youth and their families the education and skills needed to avoid substance misuse, improve their social and emotional behaviors, and build stronger positive relationships in their lives.

Marissa A. Vásquez, CPS, ICPS

Prevention Director

Marissa Vásquez is a dedicated Certified Prevention Specialist with over 18 years of experience in the substance use prevention field. She studied Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Her educational background provided her with a deep understanding of cultural dynamics and societal influences, which she has integrated into her work in the prevention field. Marissa’s professional journey includes a significant tenure at the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, where she served as a Teen Coordinator. In this role, she was pivotal in designing and implementing programs to engage teenagers in positive and constructive activities.

As a Prevention Director, Marissa has led programs tailored to the unique challenges faced by adolescents, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and resist the pressures of substance use. She is committed and passionate about educating and creating a healthier, more resilient community for everyone.

Juan-Carlos Rangel

Coalition Coordinator

Juan-Carlos has been part of the Phoenix House Texas prevention team for ten years, first as a Prevention Specialist providing services to schools and now serving as the Coalition Coordinator since 2016. He enjoys the idea of connecting families within the communities to sources where they can find help and support.
Juan-Carlos has been married for 30 years to Nohemi, a wonderful educational therapist and schoolteacher. His son is currently serving in the military as a Special Forces International Medical Advisor, and his daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps and, after graduating from the University of Texas, is currently in private practice as an educational therapist.

Juan-Carlos worked as a corporate trainer for years until his life changed due to illness. He then took time away from the corporate world to learn about preventing substance use and ways to get involved to help young people. Starting as a practicum student at Phoenix House Texas, he fell in love with PHT’s mission and is enthusiastically working with disadvantaged families, creating a difference through PHT’s coalition efforts.

Stephanie Grogan, M.S., LPC, LCDC, NCC, CCTP

Impact Director
Dallas, TX

Stephanie Grogan is a licensed professional counselor, Chemical dependency counselor, national certified counselor, and certified clinical trauma professional; she is also trained in EMDR. Stephanie serves as the Impact Director for Phoenix House Texas. Prior to this, Stephanie served PHT as the Program Director for the Hill A. Feinberg Residential Treatment Academy, and she has also served PHT in the roles of Program Manager, Quality & Development Supervisor, and Residential Counselor.

Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Arts in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University, where she focused her studies on nonfiction writing and editing and interned with the Office of Sponsored Programs and later with the Kozmetksy Center of Excellence. She also studied abroad at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Stephanie earned her Master of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University (SMU), where she was active in SMU’s Association of Student Counselors as Treasurer and later as President, coordinating volunteer opportunities, student mentoring, and community training and events.

She has experience treating adolescents, adults, and families with substance use, mental health, and relational concerns. Additionally, she has experience providing support for conducting clinical audits as well as providing training on motivational enhancement strategies, recognizing signs of substance use in adolescents, the neuroscience of addiction, and positive psychology principles. She is passionate about improving health equity through not only direct treatment but also by improving accessibility and the social determinants of health at every level.

Stephanie enjoys cycling, improv comedy, and traveling in her free time.