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Call Us (844) 748-3927

How We Help

Our Why

Our mission is straightforward and focused: We are passionate about healing individuals, families, and communities challenged by substance use disorders and related mental health conditions.

Professional Experience

Our team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals has extensive experience in the field of substance use prevention and mental health education services. Our dedication to evidence-based, culturally sensitive, strengths-based, positive prevention ensures that all who receive our services are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for making healthy choices.


Participants successfully complete on average across all our prevention programs

Prevention Programs Across 3 Texas Cities

We offer prevention and education services in 64 zip codes throughout the cities of Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Our prevention programs serve more than 26,000 individuals annually and have served over 235,000 since our inception.

We offer Universal (YPU), Selective (YPS), and Indicated (YPI) Prevention services as well as participates in Houston’s Community Coalition Partnership.

Across all PHT prevention programs, 94% of participants on average complete successfully.